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Book by Hunter M. Yoder, published 10/31/20013 Interviews of Robert Taylor, Robert Blumetti, Jack Montgomery, Wyatt Kaldenberg, Dennis Boyer, Adel Souto, Matthias Waggener, Isaac Vazquez, Patrick Donmoyer."Now along with the many names given to Hex Signs, such as Hexefuus (Witch's Feet), Hexes, and Barn Stars, is a new one, "Runic Barnstars" As I had shown in my previous book, "Heiden Hexology, Essays and Interviews", The Runes had been incorporated into Hex Work spontaneously around the world by the emerging Germanic Heathen Rune Magic practioners. In particular, they had become expressions of the Neo-Tribalism in Germanic Heathenry in North America." "Hunter I received the new Hex book today and read it. Great stuff and a job well done. No two of the interviews was even remotely the same. Each had something significant to say and thereby it was an entertaining and informative book."Robert Taylor"Hunter, many thanks for THE BOOK... it helps expand our notion of what "fits" in spiritual imagery. A nice contribution to the field!" Dennis Boyer

9 Worlds of Hex Magic

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