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“Heiden Hexology, Essays and Interviews”, is a collection of published work by Heiden Hexologist, Hunter Yoder. Heiden is the German version of the Anglo Saxon, Heathen. He views recent developments in prechristian Germanic tribalism from his Pennsylvania German perspective. Yoder grew up with the kultur, specifically the practice of painting Hex Signs. In the book, he explores the world of magically charged objects, the preChristian Germanic Gods and Goddesses, the Elder Futhark of Runes, Germanic Witchcraft known as Hexerei, Sex Magic and the use of magic plants. The book documents the proliferation of the practice of Hexerei by the emerging Germanic Heathen community internationally including his interviews of Rune magicians and Folk practitioners. This is Yoder's follow up to his book. “The Backdoor Hexologist,” 2009.  333 pages B&W Illustrations.

"Heiden Hexology, Essays and Interviews" by Hunter Yoder

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