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Hunter Yoder', AKA Frank Blank's descent into the twilight world of the Deitsch Heathen Hexology. A magical approach to the craft of painting Hex Signs. Contains 41 illustrations.  A revealing look into today's Pennsylvania Deitsch Magical community. Documents his examination of all Shamanic traditions ina search that ended in Berks County, PA his place of origin, but continues in an unbroken chain from his prehistoric Germanic tribal roots in Eurasia to his spiritual homeland in Pennsylvania. Discussion includes Hexology in all its symbolic manifestations, Hexerei, Seidhr, Appalachian Shamanic practices, and Entheogens of the Pennsilfaanisch Deitsch. Documents events from July 2005 through early 2008. This 2nd Edition has been edited and revised and is in a new smaller format, 6"x9"

The Backdoor Hexologist, 2nd Edition

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