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Hunter Yoder Interview with O. Henrietta Fisher

O.Henrietta interviews Hunter Yoder for the show,"In Between the Sheets at the Hex Factory, Hunter Yoder and O. Henrietta Fisher"

You have written about being an inner city Hexologist, can you elaborate on your interest in bringing Hexology and your practices to the city?

Its my position that the new frontier so to speak is the urban inner city. My move to East Kensington, Philadelphia was to appreciate the place that was the portal for most of the German immigration into America, Philadelphia really is German, Germantown is the first German settlement in North America.

Growing up in Berks County, Philadelphia was the big city. I live in a very German, Polish, Scotch, Irish, Welsh neighborhood. People are frequently surprised to learn this. The urban areas are being reclaimed by the ancestors of those who originally built the neighborhoods. As decimated as these neighborhoods have become, the Germans are back rebuilding and appreciating in value these neglected buildings. The statement I am making is that if you do not value your neighborhood enough to invest in it and make it better, I will eat your lunch......

Tell us about this new lady in your life? She seems to have had an influence on your work and interest in Sex Magic.

When O. Henrietta Fisher and I met for the first time it was pretty apparent that it was our Orlog to do so. It caught a lot of attention, there seemed to be a great interest in keeping us apart. It was pretty clear what was going to happen. This is some pretty powerful stuff. We both have very old ancestral roots in the Pa Deitsch community in Berks County. O. Henrietta was not up to speed regarding the recent explosion in the interest in Pa German Magic. She wasn't aware that she was a very special person in this regard. It was clear to me that she was a hereditary Hex on both sides of the family. She certainly is far easier on the eyes then the Deitsch girls I was accustomed to. She has an equal amount of the Welsh on both sides. I never had a Welshie before......I took it upon myself to educate her in these matters.

How do you envision your hex work evolving in the next year?

The Hex work seems to evolve by itself. Like acquiring the knowledge of the Runes, it is important to be patient and let the Hexology speak to you. One thing leads to another. Besides the Runic influence on the traditional Deitsch barnstars, I have been influenced by numerology, sex magic, and the Galdrstaves of prechristian Iceland. The possibilities are endless.

You seemed drawn to my work because it may have reminded you of your goddess art work from the 80’s- what is it like painting sex from a male perspective?

You might be surprised to find that it is very similar to your very feminine perspective, yeah its all about the female body some male imagery but definitely not as interesting as your 'body' of work. I worked with geometic shapes and patterns many times using fluorescent colors to imitate the heightened, altered state I experienced when having some really good sex. I found it interesting that we both used pornography as a basis for some of the work. I used it for the various 'configurations' to create a very basic design to house my patterns and colors.

Good art like good sex has a visceral feeling and when it has that its good and hot. The feeling persists everytime you look at it.

The Hex Factory gallery has been open now, showing work, since Summer 2011- what are some of the future events, artists that you have in mind for the gallery?

Well really Dave Aponte was handling most of the programming but he has moved to Berlin, Germany to further his career in the visual arts. We are happy about this because clearly it is good for not only him but The Hex Factory, which focuses on the Germanic tribal arts and Deitsch Hexology. Currently you and I are doing a 'Between the Sheets' show which takes the Germanic tribal arts to the bedroom....its gonna be pretty good.

As a fertility god, what is it like to fuck/make love? Are there separate intentions set other than pleasure like with Sex Magic?

I can't seem to separate fucking, love making and sex magic. When you and I began 'seeing' each other, we really had no other choice, nor did we desire another option. Sex magic functions several ways, besides operating as a great way to send an intention it initially usually involves 'charming' You recall the 'White armed woman' Runic charm I used on you to turn your thoughts towards me. Another basic method to possess a lover is for the partner to have the 'taste' of the others sex in his or her mouth and then to kiss the other on mouth. As you have taught me, bodily fluids are very powerful magical tools.

Of course the most important sex magical intention is to impregnate the woman. This is done intentionally by both. That is what its all about, really. Sex Magic to impregnate creates magical children....

Runic Cock Hex, 2012 Fisher/Yoder

You are a avid cyclist, you have spoken about it being a meditative time for you.... how does this influence your work? Do you plan hexes while on the bike?

Cycling besides being good for your body is really good for the mind. It develops an ability to focus and strengthens the will. It also gives you an extended period of time to work things out. I do workout problems I am having on a Hex or perhaps 'see' a new one.

It appears that you are no longer a part of the Der Heidevolkstamm tribe, what brought about your departure?

Well supposedly my status is 'inactive' They can't really throw me out since I am one of the original founders of the tribe. Hey who knows I may be back with them before you know it. I was informed of my inactive status by Patricia Hall another founding member after it was clear our relationship of several years was over. I guess it was the practical thing to do. These things happen.

Besides Der Heidevolksstamm, I have an association with the Irminfolk in New York and The Wolves of Vinland in Virginia. Both are Folkish Germanic tribes. My international reputation in Heiden Hexology and magic plants makes this tribal tiff just a bump in the road.

Give us a preview of what will be in the new book?

The book consists of published and unpublished essays on what I call now, Heiden Hexology. Heiden is Deutsch for heathen. I've written pretty extensively on Hexerei or Germanic witchcraft based on my experiences growing up in Berks County. This area of thought has become a battlefield in recent years due to the interest in it because it is the only continuous European magical tradition in the New World. So I guess I've pissed on my territory making sure the facts of my culture are right. The book also includes interviews with both Hexologists and Rune magicians and well German witches or Hexes. Of course, the book will have a lot of my own Hex signs, many of them very original. I have the perspective that these 'signs' are magical objects connected to a very old Germanic tradition which goes back as far as ancient India which is where our Indo European ancestors originated.

Finally, how can a woman (me) keep a God (you) satisfied?

What every god wants, to be worshipped!

I think it is more a matter of fate, timing, and the magical attractive force that brought us together. The intense focus we have on each other is certainly important. I think we both feel safe in this love we share, this is true when we are apart. You know what I want.....give it to me!

666. You are very outspoken about women arming themselves, tell us your thoughts on packing heat....

Well we live in a lawless, dangerous society. Law enforcement really is interested in only issuing parking tickets and such. I recently received a ticket for running a red light on a bicycle, fine, $120. Illegals pour into this country. Minority subcultures prey upon the educated middle class. Number one mark by criminals , is white women. These lowlifes have no respect for women and they are cowards. I find that an appalling indicator of how well multiculturalism has worked. As a father, a husband, a lover of my women, I want them to be able to use a gun to defend themselves because clearly no one else is when I am not around. I like that it empowers women. They feel on an equal footing and there is no need for them to take a lot of unwanted and dangerous sexist shit. Carrying a weapon requires responsible behavior, this is not a game anymore.

Goddess Hex, 2011, Hunter Yoder

999. You identify yourself as a radical traditionalist, break it down....

Radical traditionalism refers to the renaissance in Germanic 'paganism' I view it through my usual Pa German lense as the reindigenization of my folk. The magical traditions I grew up with in Berks County are the legacy of our European forefathers. That is our tradition. Revitalizing it, reanimating it and rejecting multiculturalism and the petroleum fueled “monokultur” is the radical part, advanced thinking is being done today by such 'traditionalists' all over the world.

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