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Brian Washburn and Jon Allen @ The Hex Factory

For immediate release:

Brian Washburn and Jon Allen at THE HEX FACTORY, 2080 East Cumberland Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 19125.

Brian and Jon will be featured at The Hex Factory, Philadelphia, opening October 5, 6PM-10PM The show runs through till December 30, 2012

Brian Washburn

"To all intents and purposes, I am selfish and rather than attempt to "mine” meaning from cultural, political or historical contexts, I scavenge archetypal forms from the observed moments of my daily life – excavating imagery from among the piles of pictures cluttered into journals, unearthing unexpected contexts and new understandings of myself."

Jon F. Allen

"I have taken a strange path away from my usual confines of video, installation and painting. My interest in the Germanic Runes has emerged from conversations with and viewing the work of Germanic Heathen Hexologist Hunter Yoder. Painting the Runes is not only a tool for me

to create willful magical objects, but also to further my education of the symbolic alphabet that is a key to the past. The life-affirming aspects of these esoteric and even wyrd Runes are a link to our pre-Christianized European ancestors. They are a welcome contrast to a society overwhelmed by a masochistic and Moribund Christianity.

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