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Since its inception in 1968, CINEPR0BE--a forum in which independent filmmakers show and discuss their work—has become one of the longest-running programs of its kind in the United States. The 17th consecutive season of CINEPROBE will begin

on Monday, October 22, in The Museum of Modern Art's Roy and Niuta Titus Theater 2. Presentations are held on Monday evenings, for the most part alternating with the Museum's VIDEO VIEWPOINTS series.

The season begins with a program by HOLLY FISHER (New York), screening short works from 1976-1984. A maker of non-narrative, diary films, Fisher has taken

images shot at locations as diverse as the American Southwest, the women's room of the New York Holiday Inn, and her own dining room table and structured them into complex and elegant plays of form and rhythm.

Award-winning animator JOHN CANEMAKER (New York) will present short films from 1978-1984 at his screening on November 5. Among the films will be Bottom's Dream,

a realization of an episode from A Midsummer's Night's Dream (shown this year at

the Cannes Film Festival); The DNA Concerto, produced for the Children's Television Workshop; and What Do Children Think of When They Think of the Bomb?, a production

by Canemaker, Elizabeth Swados, and Mary Silverman for PBS. Canemaker also will screen animated sequences created for the film The World According to Garp.

GORDON BALL, a former associate of Film Culture magazine and the Filmmakers' Cooperative, will come in from Norfolk, Virginia, for his presentation on November 26. His program will include Clouds of Glory (recording the last months of his wife's pregnancy and the first week of his new daughter's life), Mexican Jail Footage

(shot in 1968 and organized into a new film in 1980), and Enthusiasm (a meditation on the occasion of his mother's death).

On December 3, HUNTER YODER (Brooklyn, New York, by way of Kutztown, Pa.) will present three works that deal with the materials of film itself. Real Reel takes as its recurring motif a shot of a strip of film moving between a pair of rewinds on an editor's bench; Oscillostates is an investigation into audio-generated imagery; and Miners Blows is a blow-up of 8mm film to 16mm.


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On December 17, JOSEPH BERNARD (Birmingham, Michigan) will present a selection of recent short silent works, 1982-1984: The Function of Film, Night Mix, Variant Chants, Mouth Music, and Common Air.

Although CINEPROBE is generally held on Monday evenings, there will be two special presentations during the fall. On November 30, MORRIS ENGEL AND RUTH ORKIN will be present at 6:30 for a screening of their landmark film Little Fugitive (1953). The first independently made United States feature to break into commercial success, Little Fugitive has been cited by Francois Truffaut as an influence on his The 400 Blows and a precursor of the French New Wave. There will also be a showing of the 1956 Engel/Orkin film Lovers and Lollipops (though without the filmmakers' participation) at 3:00 on November 30.

CINEPROBE will be presented at 6:00 p.m. on October 22 and at 6:30 p.m. thereafter. Selections are made by Larry Kardish and Adrienne Mancia, Curators in the Department of Film, and by Jytte Jensen, Curatorial Assistant. CINEPROBE is made possible by grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the New York State Council on

the Arts.

The schedule for the remaining part of the 17th CINEPROBE season will be announced

at a later date. For further information, the public may call (212) 708-9500.

September 1984

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