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Visual Cult Objects

"Runic Multiverse with Eye of the Falcon" Visual Cult object commissioned for la Hermandad Odinista del Fuego Sagrado en México by Isaac Vazquez, Mexico City 2014 acrylic on wood, 24"x24" Hunter M. Yoder

Objects instead of lasting in ones possession should instead be like stepping stones as one travels through life. Their fleeting relevance is locked into a moment in time. This easily seen in man made objects, country of origin, material manufactured or hand made and so on. But is equally true of those in nature,

Objects animate and inanimate that survive time for long periods seem to acquire value. Living beings can be considered as a special set of objects. Cult objects used magically, symbolic objects form a special set of objects.

They operate in the same way that a kenning or metaphor exists in language. They contain the essence of something without being that special something, The time aspect has alittle more trouble eroding this sort of thing. What keeps these objects timeless is the tradition of a living cult they represent.

Further in 1975, I discovered that visual cult objects could flatten space allowing the visual participant to transvers immense distances instantaneously.

This set of object seem to transcend time/space

if you stare at it for 4 hours, you can experience time and space disappear; when that occurs, drugs become irrelevant. This effect remains localized in the viewer's mind, yet reverberates throughout the dark matter of deep space, where eons ago rabbits ruled the universe. This little known fact surfaces frequently among the puzzled manufacturers of arcane flat objects, whose origins remain obscure yet still relevant. All others please exit by the yellow line, and refuse all offers of unknown symbols. Nevertheless, time marches on, ignoring all requests to inflate. Staring longer than 4 hours not recommended by this observer. Thank you very much, and don't forget to sign the welcome book.

The essay written on this effect was entitled, Location Sign Device. or LSD for short. This phenomena used a geographic alignment of the LSD with a high point in Berks County, the Pinnacle, it's highest point which emits energy through the rocks and it's break in the continuity of the Blue Mt. Ridge, creates a magnetic deviation. Tapping into this magnetic energy from a great distance is done through the geographic alignment indicated by the LSD with the source.

The LSD in this instance was a sixteen pointed barnstar the activation was done by the placement of a red circle in its center. The viewing participant recalled watching the sun rise as a similar red ball from atop the Pinnacle. Thus the energetic circuit was completed. Energy from the sun, magnetic rocks were contained in this Visual Cult object as a Hex.

I think I'm starting to catch on. Cool! Why 16 points?

Usually 8 at that area of Berks County, 16 ocurrs most frequently near the Blue Mts which the highest promontory was visible at that LSD

with Eugene M. Riel the Third

"Geil Skimmel Hex" a Datura Cult Object, Hunter M. Yoder, 2008, acrylic on canvas, 24"x24"

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