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Robert Blumetti, Twelve Questions

The Following is an excerpt from the book, 9 Worlds of Hex Magic , 2013 by Hunter M. Yoder

I am delighted to have the opportunity to interview, ROBERT BLUMETTI, today. Robert is a Rune Magician and as such is the Vril Master of the Folk Faith of Balder Rising, . He is a prolific author, both of science fiction and on Germanic magic, metaphysics, and mythology, what he refers to as Vrilology. I first met Bob, at a meetup event at GERM BOOKSTORE, Philadelphia in 2008. The event was co hosted by another group. Bob's presentation was held to the end with limited time left, he blew away all that proceeded him with his infectious energy. I encountered him again, at the Irminfolk's FOLKISH SUMMER HALLOWING. Again the proceedings dragged on leaving it in doubt in the organizers mind whether there was time or not for Mr Blumetti to present. I voiced my enthusiastic endorsement which may have tipped the balance in letting him on. I knew full well what was to follow was going to be the most exciting, inspiring, magical experience of the entire event. Sceptics were quickly converted to enthusiasts as Bob invoked the need for Germanic Heathens to rediscover 'magic' through the Norse god, Odin and his gift to man, the Runes. Afterward we exchanged books, his current book is VRIL: LIFEFORCE OF THE GODS. mine of course is, HEIDEN HEXOLOGY, ESSAYS AND INTERVIEWS. We are very fortunate to have him come on and so to the first question.

Robert Blumetti and Robert Taylor, FSH 2012

1.What is the relationship between the Runes and the Germanic Pantheon of Gods and Goddesses? Can you practice Rune magic without the Germanic Pantheon?

Well, it was Odin who discovered the runic nature of all things when he sacrificed himself to himself by hanging nine nights on the Yggdrasill. The Yggdrasill is depicted as a tree. The tree in Northern magickal tradition is a living thing–the life force or Vril-- representing the structured or ordered nature of the cosmos or multiverse. The word “Yggdrasill” means Odin’s horse, which means he “rode it.” Interesting, the act of correct spiritual ritual is embodied in the rune Gebo. The horse, symbolized by the rune Ehwaz is the vehicle by which the runic wizard transcends this material realm (Midgard) and journeys to other realms to discover hidden or occult knowledge. By hanging on the Yggdrasill for nine nights, the runic essence of all things was revealed to Odin. Odin then set about creating several different Futharks, which are systematic processes to use the Runes, giving one Futhark the Gods, another to the Elves, another to the Dwarfs, another to the Giants and still another to Mankind. The Futhark he gave to Mankind is known as the Elder Futhark.

What we need to understand that though there are 24 Runes within the Elder Futhark, there are over 100 identified runic symbols.

So yes, the Runes are gifts given to us by Odin and the Germanic Gods.

In the Myth of the Lay of Rig, after Rig, who is Heimdal, divided mankind into three divisions: Jarls, Karls, and Thralls (some say these are classes while others believe this division is racial–white–yellow–black). After Rig or Heimdall created ths three-fold division of Mankind he returned to Midgard and the taught the sons of Jarl (Kon or the Konir) and taught them the secrets of Rune Magick.

One can practice anything, but without recognizing the truth that the Germanic Gods are real, intelligent, entities with woull be every ineffective. In fact, I know of several individuals who have in hte past joined the Folk Faith of Balder Rising and practiced using the Runes, but they never truly accepted the Germanic Gods as real, living, intelligent beings and thus, they were never very effective in mastering the Runes. So I would say yes, one needs not only to recongize the Germanic Gods, but if you are going to use the Runes, you will eventually come to “know” that the Gods are real. You will develop a deep, personal relationship with the Gods. But there are always those who pull back out of fear of touching the divine. This is just what happened to the examples I mentioned. They couldn’t handle the truth!

2. What is what you call 'Seither magic"? What is your position on the Saami influence?

Besides its alleged 'feminine' aspect and patrononess, the Goddess, Freyja,

There seems to be a much ado about very little, in terms of a documented historical magical form ?.

People often confuse such words as Spae and Seidr. Many believe that Spae and Seidr are separate magickal practices. Others believe that both Seidr and Spae have been “contaminated” by Sammi shamanism. The reason for the confusion is the nature of how the sagas and myths were recorded. They were originall an oral tradition and it was not until the early Christian period in Northern Europe were the tales put to paper, and this was done mostly by Christian scholars who were either hostile to their heathern past, or if sympathetic, as was Snorri Sturelsson, had to be careful in how they recorded the sagas for fear of being condemned by the Christian Church as “demonists” and “Satanists.” The art of what is referred to as “Seidr” was especially singled out for condemnation by the Church, for its was assertive magic, by which people developed the ability to communicate directly with the Gods and other divine entities, empowering themselves which was seen as a threat to the authority of the Church. This could not be tolerated. Therefore, “Seidr” was transformed into a separate magickal tradition whose women practitioners were labeled “witches” and “devil-worshipers,” while the men who practiced it were accused of homosexuality.

In Balder Rising, we look to the Myths are a sources of infinite hidden truthst that we must discover. The Myths tell us that Seither was the form of Magick that was practiced by the Vanir. Some sources say that Seither or “Seidr” was a form of magick practiced by the Sammi people of Lappland.

“Seither” magick, which was a form of Northern shamanism, that had its roots in the pre-Indo-Europeans who inhabited Europe before the arrival of the Indo-Europeans and probably worshiped the Vanir. These people are the Cro-Magnon people of Europe (R1b halpogroup) who mixed with the Indo-Europeans (R1a halpogroup), who introduced them to Galdor or Rune Magick.

Balder Rising refers to the Magick of Freyja and the Vanir as “Seither”, and this Magick includes what traditionalists refer to as Spaecraft, Eeidr, Soothsaying, Utiseta, Halsung, and Hamfarir. In this lesson, we use the word “Seither” to refer to all forms of Northern shamanism that Freyja taught Odin, and the word “Seidr” to refer to what traditionalists and reconstructionists view as a form of sorcery that includes mind-controlling, poisoning, conjuration, and necromancy.

Among modern-day practitioners of Northern Heathenism, there seems to be no agreement on the spelling: seidr, seidhr, seith, seither, seider, etc. This is a reflection of the lack of historical accuracy that is prevalent throughout the historical records. An example of this confusion within the historical records is the reference found in Erik the Red’s Saga. The word Spae or Spae means “to spy,” as with seeing with second sight. In the last forty years a great deal of modern-day research has been done with remote viewing, which is essentially spa/spae. The word is related to the Old Norse word speja, which means “to investigate.” The purpose is to obtain information, knowledge and wisdom about something or an event that takes place in the present, in the past or in the future. Once again, those who might be familiar with remote viewing will note the similarity. The difference between Spaecraft and remote viewing is the methodology.

Spaecraft was a part of Seidr and vice versa, but modern-day reconstructionists cannot agree on this and will spend hours arguing over the meaning, even to the point of igniting a “jihad,” instead of trying to master its techniques and using it to benefit themselves and their fellow heathens. The reason for this is that they are more interested in role-playing than in rebuilding a living religion. This is why in Vrilology, we refer to Spaecraft, Seidr and shamanism collectively as Seither. We concern ourselves with using the Magick.

Many Heathern groups who do not practice the Magick rely on the “histroical records” for their guide on how to create a modern day Heathern community. In most cases they are just role-playing in their attempt to reconstruct a lost period in time. They tend toward “reconstructionism.” There is not wrong with reconstructing the past traditions and customs if they are a starting point for the creation of modern-day Heathen communities. But too many we become “Heathen fundamentalists” and “Heathen Jihadist,” attacking anyone who does not deviates from their interpretation of the historical records or Lore. What they don’t understand or forget is that what has been passed down through the ages is one a tiny fraction of the ancient Lore, and this has been recorded by Christian scholars, many like Saxo Grammaticus hated the old Heathenry. This is why the Folk Faith of Balder Rising looks to the Myth and meditate on them to unlock the hidden truths that have been loss in time.

3.Any thoughts on Hexerei, or Germanic Witchcraft?

What role if any does the Folk Magic of the German peoples have in Vrilology?

Vrilology is the application of all Germanic Magick traditions and the exploration of new ways of using it to benefit the growing Heathen communities world-wide in the 21st century. Vrilology is a synchronicity of all forms of Germanic or Northern Magick. We in Balder Rising begin with the traditional application of both Galdor/Rune Magick and Seither Magick and build on it by exploring new ways to us the Magick, but this is important–without mixing it with alien forms of Magick. Reconstructionists will restrict themselves to what little is said in the historical Lore. There really is little or nothing in the old pre-Christian records of Hexerei because, at least from what I know of Hexerei, it rose among the Germanic people after Christianity came to dominate all of Europe, including northern Europe, as a way to preserve much of the old Magick in new and innovative ways. This is the essence of Vrilology.

Throughout the centuries when Christianity dominated Europe, including northern Europe, Erulians survived as an underground group working to preserve the old Germanic forms of Magick. An example of such Erulians was Bishop Gottskalk at Holar, Iceland from 1497 to 1520. He wrote the Raudhskinni (Red Book), a book of Rune Magick. Those who developed Hererei or Germanic Witchcraft were also seeking to preserve the old Magick, but Magick and culture are static, but living traditions that grow and evolve. We modern-day Odinists should explore and develop new ways to use the Magick, both Galdor/Rune and Seither. Vrilology does include a lesson within its training program dealing with the subject of Hexerei. In fact, What Hunter Yoder has done by incorporating the use of Rune into the traditional Hexerei is exactly what Vrilology is all about–finding new and more effective ways of using the Magick without compromising ira cultural integrity.

What is wonderful about Hexerei is that it is not only a wonderful form of Magick but a beautiful form of art work at the same time. This assimilation of Magick and art is just what modern-day Odinists need to help forge a new modern Folk culture that has links with the past.

4 Can we as humans achieve godhead? If so, how?

Through Vrilology we practice a form of Rune chanting by which we combine Seither methods of meditation, visualization and entering a deep trance while chanting the Runes. People who experience this methodology come away moved. The reason is explained by a fundamental understanding of Magick.

Magick is all about controlling and manipulating energy. Everything is made up of divine energy called Vril. Vril is the life force of the Gods. We share the same life force with the Gods because the Gods dwell within us, as well as existing outside of us. Each of our atoms is almost entirely made up of Vril that is shaped by the number of electrons and protons vibrating. This process creates matter. Through Rune chanting we can change the frequency of the vibration and thus change matter, including ourselves. This is accomplished by knowing how to use the Runes, tools given to us by Odin for just this purpose.

Through Rune chanting we can awaken the Gods within us, and thus forms a deep personal bond between us mortals and the divine Gods. Once we accomplish this the Gods can draw strength from us in Midgard, and we can draw on their power. While the Gods struggle to maintain order in the multiverse, we are, through Magick, struggling to create a little piece of Asgard within Midgard. This is what we mean by aligning ourselves with the Gods. Unlike the monotheistic, we do not bow down before the Gods, but walk upright with them as allies in their great work.

When we achieve this higher state of being, and it is not easy, we are transformed. The life force of the Gods radiates within us in a heightened state. This is what we mean by Balder Rising.

Balder calls to the Gods and they return after Ragnarok. Balder is Odin’s instrument for surviving Ragnarok. Once we have achieved this heightened state, our old self is destroyed. The old self is like Balder’s brother–Hoder. He is blind and his blindness is a reflection of our ignorance to our true potential. Like Hoder, we are blind because we are ignorant. This is the difference between Heathen religions and other religions. Other religions are built on faith, while Heathern religions are built on knowledge. Through the Magick we are filled with Balder’s Light and this drives away the ignornace of Hoder. This is Ragnarok on the microcosmic scale–within us. Once the old Self dies, the consciousness of the Gods are free to fill us, and the Wode with our Souls increases in power and the Self becomes a Wode Self.

We have in our training program what we refer to as the Nine Stages of Balder Rising. We don’t have time in this interview to go into the nine stages, but it is important to understand that to become aligned with the Gods, we need to undergo an inner, deep personal transformation, permitting the birth of e new Vril Being.

5. Your insightful view of Pennsylvania as Heimat?

Most people in America don’t realize that the region of North America that includes the New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware was founded and settled by Germans, Dutch and Swedes and the landscape itself has a strong land-spirit that is very Germanic. This Germanic land-spirit is probably the strongest in Pennsylvania, especially in the central region of the state which is less multi-cultural and cosmopolitan. As one who grew up along the Hudson River I often travel up and down the river valley region as well within the Catskill Mountains and the old Dutch land-spirit of the region is very much alive, though one has to go looking for it. The same is true, and perhaps even more true for Pennsylvania.

6. What can you tell us about galdrastafir?

They look different then Bindrunes or Runic inscriptions.

The Ægishjálmur, or Helm of Awe, being the most famous.

What can you say in regards to the cross hatchings , half rounds, curlyques, etc. that populate these sigils?

The Aegishjalmar or Helm of Awe and various other Sigils are an outgrowth of Rune Magick. We know that the Helm of Awe was used during the Heathen era and warriors would paint it on their foreheads before going into battle. But it was during the Christian period, which Stephen Flowers breaks down into the Catholic periods (1000 to 1500 AD) and the Protestant period (1500 to present) that the Aegishjalmur took off. They probably evolved out of Bindrunes and became more elaborate as time went on. Much of northern Magick and European Magick in generate had to go underground during the Christian period. They began to take on unusual shapes and forms such as the Dreprun, the Thjofastaafur, the Lukkustafir and especially the Galdraholl. But the eight-spoke wheel shape continued to survive is such sigils as the Vegvisir (which is used as the symbol of the Vril Lord), the Ginnur, and four spoke sigils such as the Ginnfaxi, the Angurgapi and even more elaborate sigils such as the Umbotarstafur. But they all have the basic form of spokes radiating outward from a center point. They all represent the basic cosmological blueprint of the Yggdrasill with nine worlds. This is especially true of the eight-spoke wheel sigils. Each spoke is one of the eight worlds that lie to the north, south, east, west and upper and lower worlds. The ninth world is in the center where all the spoke come together. This of course is Midgard. You can see this basic design in the Hex signs of Hexerei. The basic Helm of Awe is designed to draw in the life force of the cosmos (Vril) and then hold it within the sigil. They can be used for just about any purpose if one is skilled enough in knowing how to apply the principles of runic energies. In the Havamal (146-163) there are eighteen Rune-spells. One of the lessons in our training program is for the student to take the Runes and use them to come up with his own sigil for each of the eighteen spells. These stanzas of the Havamal is a good example of what I have mentioned earlier that the Lore is so incomplete. They tell us of eighteen spells, but do not tell us what those spells are. We modern-day Erulians must rediscover what they are for ourselves.

7. Has your intimate relationship with Freyja given you insight into 'sex magic'?

I have a deep and personal relationship with Freyja. She is my true love. She led me to Odin. When I first got involved in Odinism it was through a study group organized by my friend and mentor Robert Zoller. He was a Gothi in Edred Thorsson’s Rune Guild. This was back in 1984. We met every other Friday night and dedicated our meetings to Freyja. We studied the Eddas and meditated and chanted the Runes. I soon discovered, as did most of the members of our group, that I had a natural psychic talent. One night as we entered a deep trance after chanting the Runes and chanted to Freyja, I found myself faring forth. I was on a golden ship in a black sea under a black sky. There were golden icebergs in the sea. Then, before me appeared Freyja encased in a golden aura. She spoke to me, calling me her son and told me that she came as a messenger from Odin. He called on me to follow Odin. She then told me that if I answered yes, I would spend the afterlife in her hall, the Sessrumnir. On a second occasion I found myself before Odin while in a deep trance and heasked me what my answer was to Freyja’s question and I answered yes.

Ever since that night I have had a deep, loving relationship with Freyja. She has helped me to get int touch with my feminine side, if you will, which is important for every practitioner of Northern Magick. She introduced me to my Fetch, which always appears as the opposite gender. If one has issues with the opposite sex, your Fetch, which is a part of your Soul matrix and not a separate entity, will he hostile. But if you ask your Fetch to help you resolve such issues, it will. To be successful in preforming Magick successfully one needs to face head-on any and all issues one has with the opposite sex. Once you have, you will find a new balance within your Soul. The two halves of the brain--right and left–have gender-based principles of female (right) and male (left). By working to establish a balance between these two fundamental Magickal principles, the two halves of the brain, which are referred to as the Hugh (left brain) which is rational and analytical mind, and the Myne (right brain) which is the intuitive and psychic mind, you create a balance between these two mental aspects. They form a synthesis that results in a synchronicity that causes the Wode (the seat of passion, ecstasy and inspiration—the Odinic consciousness–within your Soul matrix) to expand and grow in influence and power within your Soul matrix. Of course this process is an aspect of Seither Magick of the Vanir, and Freyja can be very helpful here. I personally believe that men should call on Freyja and women should call on her twin brother Frey to achieve this balance.

This is the essence of Sex Magick. This type of Magick can be very effect when practiced by a man and a woman. Once again we teach this in our training program. A simple way for a man and women to help each other to achieve this balance is to meditate and chant together. They should sit on the floor with legs crossed. Their knees should touch. The crossed legs of both partners form two Berkano Runes representing the Earth Goddess of fertility, in this case Freyja. The space created between the crossed legs of the man and woman form the Ingwaz Rune of Frey, the Male Earth God of fertility. They should hold hands and lay their hands on the knees where they touch. This simple Runic chanting formation duplicates the symbolism of the mating of Frey and Freyja in ritual Sex Magick. There are much more elaborate Sex Magick rituals where a man and woman engage in sexual union duplicating the shape of each of the twenty-four Runes of the Elder Futhark.

8. As an author and as a Rune Magician, can you illuminate for us what is the common denominator between Creativity and magic?

Can art be magic?

I think I already answered these questions. As I said, Magick is all about the controlling and manipulating of energy. Once we master the art of controlling energy we can create a new reality. When we are born Odin breathes the first breath of life energy (Vril) into each of us. This is known as Ond. Ond is not the name of the energy but the process by which we are filled with our own continuous flow of the life force that replenishes our need for the life force to survive. Vril is constantly flowing into us, replenishing every atom, every cell, every organ within our physical body (the Lyke). The physical body known as Lyke is just one part of the Soul. Another are of the Soul is the Orlog which stores the residue of every action, every thought, and every feel we experience. As the life force currents flow through the Orlog it takes on the nature of what is stored there. If we obsess on positive things, then the currents Vril energy will be colored with positive qualities and then channel this positive energy to everyone atom, cell and organ throughout our physical body. But if we obsess on the negative, then the energy will be colored with unhealthy power and it will then weaken us by causing harm to every atom, cell, and organ. Thus, our minds will build up with is stored with the Orlog and colors the Vril energy that we radiate.

The Lyke or physical body is within the Soul and not the other way around. The Soul extends beyond our physical body and some cause this external life energy field our aura. When others com into contact with our life energy field, if it is highly charged and possesses a higher frequency of vibration, it will affect those it come into contact with. This is usually felt as personal charisma.

By understanding how to control this process we can create our own reality, transform the world around and change the way people react to us and whether or not they see us as friends or enemies.

As for Magick being art, as I said in a previous answer, Hexerei is a form of Magick that is Art. Art has been used as Magick in the past, especially music. Mozart was a Freemason who understood the power of that music has in controlling sound and frequency that will affect the way humans think, feel and act. Richard Wagner was also a master at this art and he wrote extensively on it, referring to his own “Music Dramas” as the “artwork of the future” where a synthesis of music, the visual and the poetic forms of art become one Magickal form of Art that can control and transform the growth and development of the Soul. Wagner would have referred to it as the liberation of the inner Soul from centuries of “over-domestication” and unleash the “inner barbarian.”

9. At what point in ones personal evolution does everything breakdown into Runic structure?

Of course the answer to this question is very subjective. When one reaches such a point in their evolution depends entirely on the individual based on their dedication to studying and practicing the Magick. Vrilology is designed specifically for the student to destroy the old Self and permit the rise of the new Wode-Self. This comes about after many years of working with the magick. But eventually one reaches a point where you begin to think differently. This is when you begin to “thin Runically.”

When you reach such a point, everything changes. You think differently. Everything your, feel and experience is now processed runically. Without thinking about it, you will unconsciously look at everything through the way the Runes affect the situation. And you will be able to discover the cause for the “why” and “how” things happen.

I always am amazed when people ask me for a Rune reading off the cuff. I usually carry my traveling set of Runes with me and ask the person to think about whatever question they want to ask about, but do not tell me. I then preform a small ritual calling on the Gods to guide the hand and ask the person to reach into my Rune bag an pull out three Runes, one at a time–one for the past leading up to the situation at hand; another for the present situation; and the third for the most likely outcome. I then explain the situation based on which Runes were pulled without knowing what is the question. I am proud to say my explanation has a 90% accuracy.

The reason for such an ability is that the way my mind works has changed–it now functions along the principles of the Runic energies. But again, this comes only after one has completely assimilated the Runes into one’s very being.

10. The Black Sun or Schwartz Sonne has a special place in the hearts of those of Germanic descent, Intuitively, I have concluded that this is because of its connection to the Great Migrations and the use of the wagon, specifically the wheel and the ancient Aryan connection to the sun as 'sons of the sun' What conclusions have you arrived at regarding this powerful sigil?

I never thought about associating the Black to the wheels of the wagons that migrating tribes use. Very interesting. I always love to hear new interpretations about subjects that I never thought about.

Balder Rising sees that Black Sun as the vast currents of Vril energy (the life force of the Gods) emanating throughout the multiverse. It is this mysterious life-giving energy that is constantly bathing the earth, causing vast changes in the ecosystem, causing thousands of species to die off and be replaced by new species. I see evolution not in Darwinian terms of gradual transformations over vast periods of time, but rather sudden transformations within the gene pool of species in response to very abrupt changes in the environment. This usually results from various factors, both internal and external. An example of the former is when the spotted mots of England in the 19th century transformed themselves within a few generations in response to the change in their environment. They were originally black and white and liked to perch on th birch trees which camouflage from birds. But when smoke from manufacturing plants of the 19th century turn the trees black, the mots quickly transformed their coloring to match the blacken trees. Some deep inner part of the mots’ primitive minds caused their DNA to transform themselves and adapt to the change in their environment. This is done by the mind harnessing Vril energy that flows through the body and coloring it with the need to transform the physical form of the mot in ways for it to survive as a new species. In the case of the latter example, each region of the earth has a unique life-energy signature implanted upon it. As primitive man first left Africa 67,000 years ago, they underwent genetic transformation as they passed through different regions of the world, causing them to evolve in their need to adopt to the new environment in which they settled. Once again, this is the result of an intelligence residing deep within the subconscious that transform the nature of currents of Vril energy that is constantly flow into and throughout the body, giving shape and form to our DNA.

The earth is constantly being bathe in currents of life-giving energy and the multiple Sowilo Runes that radiate out from the center symbolize the Vril energy that spread forth throughout the multiverse in the Ginnungagap when fire and ice first interacted. The heat of Muspellheim caused the ice of Niflheim to melt and this cased a continuous flow of life energy (Vril) to flow out of the Well Hvergilmir in Niflheim. Thus the Black Sun can also represent Hvergilmir with its every-flowing currents of energy filling the multiverse.

The symbol is referred to as the “Black” Sun meaning that the source of energy is trans-dimensional and unseen in the physical universe, but it is felt. Recent developments in modern physicals has discovered two sources of power known as Dark Energy and Dark Matter. Only 4 percent of the universe is made up of the force forces–electromagnetism, gravity, lessor nuclear force and greater nuclear force (which are symbolized by the four Dwarfs that hold up the universe). The rest of the Universe is made up of approximately 70 percent Dark Energy and 26 percent Dark Matter.

Dark Energy causes expansion just like the fires of Muspellhim, while Dark Matter creates a force of attraction that holds the galaxies together, just like the contractive power of ice of Niflheim. Together Dark Energy and Dark Matter are two aspects of the same force–Vril. Which was formed when fore and ice first joined together to form the multiverse.

11. Any reaction to what the Deitsch (Pa Germans) call the Rossette, or 'Sun of the Alps' in Padania, (Po Valley)?

I will confess I know very little about the controversy regarding the Sun of the Alps, but it is interesting that it looks like the six-armed variation of the Hagalaz Rune. Hagalaz is considered the “Mother of all Runes,” and in its shape we can find all 24 Runes of the Elder Futhark. Halagaz means “Hail” and hail is ice that falls from the heavens. When it crashes into the surface of the earth, it destroys all life, but then the ice melts and is transformed into water, it fertilizes the earth, permitting new life to grow. This is evolution and the cycle of all life–birth-growth-age-death-rebirth.

From what I know of the Sun of the Alp it is a very ancient symbol found in many parts of the world, just like the Swastika which represents that sun. Like the Swastika it is a symbol of great occult knowledge and where ever it was used by ancient people, it survived through the centuries, in most cases, losing its original meaning and being adopted by the local inhabitants as its own national or tribal symbol.

I understand that Northern Italians have adopted it as their own tribal symbol and regard it as a symbol relating the the many flowers that grow in the Po Valley. The Po Valley of Italy has always been famous for its flower industry, and that’s why the Northern League of Italy has adopted it as its symbol.

What you might find interesting is that my name “Blumetti,” which is Italian might have a connection to the Rosette or Sun of the Alps. My Paternal grandfather came to America in 1893 from Northern Italy. My grandfather belonged to the north Italian aristocracy and a member of the Royal Guard to the King of Italy before coming to America, after his family lost everything in a economic depression of the early 1890s. The Blumetti family has a family cress with red roses on it because the Blumetti name means “Little Flower.” The first part of my name Blum, is actually German for “flower.” The suffix etti in Italian for little.

12 What is your view of what I call, 'Heiden Hexology' or the use of prechristian signs, symbols, and the Runes in Pa German Hex Signs.?

As I stated earlier in this interview, Heiden Hexology is a beautiful for of art that has ascetically blend the art of Hexerei with that of the Runes. It is interesting how well you have incorporated the Runes into the design of the Hex signs. I love it and consider your talent a wonderful addition to the ever growing and evolving Germanic Magickal tradition in the 21st century. Heiden Hexology is just what Vrilology is all about–finding new and innovated ways to use the Magick of the Aesir and the Vanir, while constantly remaining steadfastly true to the traditional soul of the ancient Erulians.

Robert Blumetti 12/29/12

to me

I hadn’t had time to thank you for your Yule card. It was beautiful. I have been examining the Hex symbol on it and want to see if I can figure out its magick from your book. Let me try. There are not divisions into quarters, eighths or even smaller divisions, so the hex has direct influence on the objective reality. The scallops or waves creates an inner and outer world, and the waves point outwards, so the energy of the hex is directed outward to the objective world. It is designed to affect the flow of energy in the outer world. The heart at the bottom represents love of course, but it is spiritual and not erotic energy. The rooster represents watchfulness and you have two roosters, each looking in different directions in both spiritual and mundane watchfulness. There is a flower growing out of the heart and so the spiritual love or what is referred to in magick as the Love Force, and I refer to it as the Balder Force, is meant to grow and spread and fill one’s life and reality with this sense of self-assurance that makes one invincible (as with Balder). The eight-pointed star in a circle between the two rooster heads is the eight-fold reality of the Northern tradition, which is actually none-fold (the ninth point being at the center) creates a radiance of this energy in all direction. The colors are red and green for Yule, but it is one a wood texture background that manifest the energy within the realm of Midgard (earth energy) The wood texture can also be a reference to Yggdrasill, the cosmic tree and this its power that fills Midgard can radiate throughout the nine worlds.

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