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Deitsch Heathen Hexology Show at Germ Bookstore/Gallery 2009

An excerpt from "Heiden Hexology, Essays and Interviews, 2012" by Hunter M. Yoder

Press Release, Deitsch Heathen Hexology Show February 6th through Sunday, March 22, 2009

We are pleased to announce the upcoming Show, DEITSCH HEATHEN HEXOLOGY, at GERM BOOKS AND GALLERY, The show runs from Friday, February 6th through Sunday, March 22, 2009.

Deitsch is the word in 'dialect' for Pennsylvania German. Heathen refers to Germanic Heathenry, or the religion/culture of the indigenous European tribes prior to Christianity. Hexology is the magical practice of painting 'Hex signs' known in the PA German dialect as, 'Hexafoos or Hexezeeche' The translation would be witch feet or witch signs.

The show features the works of the following four practitioners:

Hunter Yoder

Hunter was raised on a farm outside of Virginville, Berks County, PA. He began painting hex signs on barns at an early age before attending Kutztown University to earn a BFA in Painting. A friend of the Claypoole family, the reigning Hex Sign painters of the recent era, Hunter was exposed to the works of Johnny Ott, the father and creator of Hexology as we know it today. Known by all the major folk practitioners, he distinquished himself by seeking the more magical aspects of the 'art' He has been involved in experimental film making and video art and has shown his works in NYC at the Museum of Modern Art's Cineprobe program and in France's Festival International du Jeune Cinema Different Programme.

After separating from the more eclectic version of Deitsch magical practices Hunter has gone on to create hexafoos that are a distinctly Germanic Heathen. He is currently featured in the Fall/Winter, 2008 issue of HEX MAGAZINE, in the articled he authored, "Runic Symbology in Contemporary Deitsch Hexology"

Valúlfr Vaerulsson

Valúlfr is a Waldzauberer with over 30 years experience in the "old crafts".

He is a Rune/Galdor Master, Shaman/Sorcerer, Hexologist, lecturer and author.

Additionally, he is the Director of the Wolfbund (, and has

taught Germanic Culture at a local Community College. With a bloodline that can be traced back to both Germany and Transylvania he

carries in (his) veins a rich history that eventually made its way to these

shores of America. In the

early 1700’s, several of his ancestors emigrated here from the Palatinate of

the German Rhine. These ancestors settled in and around Tulpehocken, Berks Co.

PA; the heart of the Witch-sign (Hexezeeche), or Witch’s Foot (Hexefoos). The

Hex work of both Valúlfr and Swanhilde can be viewed at


Swanhilde was born in 1961 and has lived most of her life in Michigan

where she resides, there in the northern woods, with her husband and son. She

majored in fine arts in college, and has worked in various art fields and with

various mediums over the years. In the 1980’s she appeared in several shows and

was active in the Arts and Humanities club where she both hung shows and

participated with the jury process. In the 1990’s she began working with

heathen themes creating ritual banners and various pieces containing heathen

imagery. These themes carried her into the new millennium where as her studies

of Germanic heathenry progressed, she began to explore a genera that had held a

strong appeal for many years, Hexology. With her Germanic bloodlines, artistic

skill, and empathic sense, it quickly became evident that all of these life-

roads have lead her to this art form.

Swanhilde’s interest in heathen esoterica was piqued in 1989, and it was

then that she began a path of learning that has been both mentally stimulating

and spiritually fulfilling to her. Particular fields of study include, but are

not limited to, the feminine mysteries as they apply to an Odinic paradigm

(emulation over adoration) and the use of runes magically and in divination.

She has been a guest speaker at North Central Michigan College and has taught

workshops as well as being a proficient rune reader.

Patricia Hall

was born and raised in Philadelphia. She is a Rune Magician, Shaman, and Hex and follows the religious traditions of her Germanic ancestors. She incorporates her life experiences, practices, and beliefs into simple yet magically-rich works. She is a member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners, the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and the Denali Institute of Northern Traditions and conducts workshops on Heathenry and Rune studies. She is also co owner and co founder of the Yahoo list site, "The Backdoor Hexologist" and the PA Germanic Heathen site:,

GERM BOOKS AND GALLERY, in Fishtown, Philadelphia is the crossroads for subcultural, underground, contemporary music, art, and literature. Owner, cofounder, David E. Williams is a Philadelphia-based singer-songwriter.

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