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Jed Williams at The Hex Factory

Dreamscape Semi-abstraction


Jed Williams is a dual French-American citizen from Paris, France. Jed Williams is an artist who, since graduating from the Penn. Academy of the Fine Arts in 2005, has been creating intense art and been exhibiting widely, including in NYC and NJ. Most recently he had work up for display at the Highwire Gallery on Frankford Ave. in Philadelphia. Jed Williams describes his art as consisting of semi-real associational dreamscapes. This potent brew mixes creative symbolism with pop and psychological undertones; these are steeped in an interest in holistic, Eastern thinking and as well as pop imagery, and they also connect with Jed’s work as a teacher and Recovery counselor. Urban graffiti culture, mythological ciphers, torment and joy, fear and laughter all dance together in a web of organic patterns, colors, illusions and allusions. 

Jed Williams’ father is the acclaimed Pulitzer-prize winning poet C.K. Williams.

Jed Williams will be exhibiting works in different formats, sizes and supports such as canvas and mixed medium/paper , in diverse media such as oil, acrylic and ink/pastels.

The exhibit, up at the Hex Factory, runs from March 2 to May 5 with a First Friday opening reception on Friday March 2 2012.

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