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Galdrastafir and Hexology

An excerpt from "Heiden Hexology, Essays and Interviews, 2012" by Hunter M. Yoder

Viewing the Icelandic Galdrastafir from a Hexological perspective is an inevitable part of the current evolution in the metaphysical thought patterns of this site. Hexology is more of a 'mechanical' how do these things work and how can they be used as tiny metaphysical machines which differs from a more 'magical' Hexerei or Galdr perspective.

The ones that are the easiest to work with would be the radiating from a central point such as the Helm of Awe. They tend to go as 'aights' the Northern divisor in all things including the units of measurement and of course the Runes. The 'Earthstar' of Hexology is no different. However unlike Hexology, the "Helm" in all its variants uses, additional components on each ray. Most frequently there is the cross hatch, usually three per ray. These I intuit as multipliers, three hatches three times the power of each ray. The point of each ray in the Helm, is forked into three, this works as an Algiz Rune and there are aight of those.....a bindrune. The forking also works simply as a director of flow outward. Three is a very powerful configuration and predates the 'three stooges' by many millenia, lol. but there is quite the sort of energy in Larry, Curly, and Moe that fits the bill here. Its not three of the same its like basic alternating current, a hot, a neutral and a ground, and without all three there is no flow. So the cross hatching interacts with the fork as a three times three times 8 or seventy two or as a three times eight times three or a one hundred ninety two, both very potent magnitudes of energy. Variants on the forks go either cupped forks or straight forks. Cupped ones would direct a more intense flow in the direction of the ray much like a spotlight, the straight fork would act more like a flood light from the central point or fyr.

Variants on the straight cross hatches are cupped cross marks and circles. The cupped marks either are curve inward or outward. By utilizing these cupping device energy is either focused outward or it deflects alien negative energy from the center.

Hexology is almost always concerned with either an outward flow for an intention or prevention of a destructive flow inward for protection. It rarely mixes the two but that may change soon.

Other Galdrastafir are oriented in a 'tree like' configuration, hence the name Galdrastafir. They are upright verticals with branches, sometimes symmetrical sometimes not. These are more complex in that they may employ several 'Helm like' radiating figures connected by the branches of the 'tree' Typically one of these radiating components dominates the others. They operate as cosmograms and like a computer, configured to meet personal needs or objectives. Some are relatively simply others quite complex and grow into elaborate configurations used as a kind of circuitry in the metaphysical plane. They probably employ 'tricks' to prevent a straightforward reading and to retain the core like intention without outward corruption. They have 'spyware' built in. In this manner are structurally more complex then our simple Hexafoos. Hexerei utilizes other means to prevent tampering, usually in a more earthy manner. However the structural definition of these 'trees' has an appeal to this author.

Curiously, Runes and bindrunes are used sparingly in these things and the utilization of primal geometric forms tend to be of more use. If hooked crosses or fyrfos are employed, rotational values become a dynamic aspect of the overall intent. Other devices employed might be diagonal branches which may have directional values moving toward or away from radiating components, say a from above on the right to below on the left or visa versa. These may operate in the same way clockwise and counter clockwise values do on the fyrfos, namely clockwise values are positive and counter clockwise values negative. This is not to say that the Galdrastafir is good or bad but rather the way in which it is oriented to achieve success.

Finally, you will hear time and time again from Rune 'scholars' of the interplay between a subjective universe as a center and the manifestation of intent from there into a objective universe. Personally that sort of simplistic dualistic explanation fails to take into the account the irrationality of a manifest universe these things create if they are really good. No such explanation is needed as long as the desired intent works!

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